Wow! What a weekend!

We had a plan that I thought was more than we could accomplish in two days. So we prioritized it in case we couldn’t finish. The first day we accomplished more than 2/3 of the plan and were able to finish the rest the next day with time to use the new circle and then sit and relax and socialize before breaking up to go home. This group rocks!

We finally got that really hard stump that beat us at the last work party out of the circle and filled in the hole. We expanded our circle out so we have room for more people. There is a path now that leads to the pre-cleansing circle and then onto the main circle allowing for entry at both the north and the east. The pre-cleansing circle is all cleaned out and that is no small feat. Before we started there was a large pile of fallen trees and limbs right in the middle of it.

We had so much fun! I want to thank everyone that came out and gave their energy to improving and expanding our sacred space. We have so many talented people as a part of our community. First of all, thanks to David and Gil Rana for organizing the work part of the weekend. Caterina, you made sure that we all had food to eat. We did not go hungry – great job! Julie, thanks for getting the word out about the weekend and then taking pictures and sharing them on the website so quickly! Cat’s husband was the one that suggested the best way to get rid of the stumps. And it worked. Two stumps are now history and a third is almost gone. Thanks for the idea and all the hard work you put in.

Rowen was able to join us for a bit and in his traditional “Wrecking Ball” fashion got down to business. Sarah and her children really worked hard on the camp ground area and removed tons of limbs, sticks and pine cones that were in the way of the mowers. And thank you Sarah for bringing Mark. He was great at manning the chainsaw. Among other things, Ty kept the fire going on that really tough stump and made sure we didn’t burn the woods down. Hope, what can I say? More mulch? She organized the work on the paths and the pre-cleansing area with enthusiasm. Thanks to Robin for taking on the hunt for the right sized wood to line the paths. I know I kept finding Cat, Hope and Jonathon down on the ground fighting the periwinkle. I think they won. The periwinkle seems to be out of the areas where we don’t want it. Every time I got really into working on some project or another, Brandon or Gil Rana would jump in and take my tools and take over. (I smell a conspiracy here somewhere) Thanks to David for running the tractor all day bringing up dirt, rocks and mulch and removing the debris.

The children had multiple caregivers keeping an eye on them so they were safe. Thank you Brandon, Julie, Sarah, Sean and Richard. The work could not have progressed as smoothly without you.

This was really a family affair. Cat, Sarah and Robin brought their entire families out for the weekend. We had some of our newest members as well as the member that has been with NGS longer than anyone else out here this weekend. (Yes, Scooter – I’m talking about you! Thanks for being here!)

We had both North Georgia Solitaries and Silver Pine Grove working hard side by side to improve the sacred space they share as well as cleaning up the camping area. We all tossed around ideas for which improvement we want to add to Silver Pines. I can’t wait to see what we do next!

Thank you SO SO much!

Lady Charissa

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