North Georgia Solitaries was founded in August of 2004 as the Marietta/Roswell Witches Meetup Group.  It has had a busy life and has grown into the community and family friendly group it is today.

We have put together some pages with photos that tell the story of NGS up through today.  If you have been a part of this rich and fun history and have some photos to share, please feel free to reach out and share them so we can add them to our gallery.

2004 – In August the website Meetup.com sent out a computer generated email with a randomly chosen restaurant suggesting that witches gather on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Six of us showed up, had dinner and decided that we wanted to do better than meet at a random restaurant each month.  Lady Charissa volunteered to be the organizer of the group and one of the attendees volunteered to hold the next meeting at the store she managed.  The second meeting had an attendance of 11 people.  Word was getting out.  The third meeting had roughly 20 people.  The fourth meeting in November had the store at standing room only.  The group decided to the hold a ritual for Yule.

2005 – We held meetings in January and February and an Ostara ritual in March.  We gathered at Iron Hill at Red Top Mountain State Park with a Maypole for some outdoor fun for Beltane.  Litha had us going on our first camping trip together complete with ritual, drumming and a blanket trade.

The following years are being updated as we can.  If you have any photos at all to contribute, please contact us and share them. 









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