Great time at the Corn Maze!

We started out the afternoon with dinner at the Pizza Farm in Rockmart.  They have a varied menu at reasonable prices.  The server was excellent at keeping up with who’s ticket was with whose even though we had some of the families split up onto different tables.  She kept the glasses full and was extremely attentive.

We got to see some old friends that we hadn’t seen in years and some of our regulars we see often.  All in all, a great time.  Would love to do that again.

Then it was off to Carlton Farms.  I had not been to one of these things so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We got there and immediately started shopping the pumpkin patch.  They have a great selection of pumpkins and squash of different kinds.  I got some decorative squash for a table arrangement.  I plan on going back to get the pumpkins closer to the end of next month so they will be fresh for Thanksgiving pies.

We bought out tickets – most of us got the combo so we could do the hayride and the corn maze.  We were barely through shopping and stowing our stuff in the cars when they let us know the hayride was getting ready to go.  So we loaded up and off on the hayride.  They gave us the history of the farm and details on what they grow and raise while we passed pigs, goats, cows and more.  We parked out in the pasture with the cows and everyone got to feed the cows from the trailer and watch as new calves wobbled around were fed by mommas.  The highlight for me there was watching the children feed and pet the cows that came up to the ride.

Feeding the cows!

Feeding the cows!

Petting the cows!

Petting the cows!













Once we got back from the hayride we wandered around the farm checking out the animals and the farm store.  Then off to the corn maze.

What a maze!  5 acres of corn set up in what seemed like an endless pattern of twists and turns.  They have a little map they give you (which apparently we could not follow) that has a place for 12 punches along the bottom of it.  You punch each number when you find it to get a prize at the end. of the maze.  Loads of fun!  It took us somewhere between  1 1/2 to 2 hours to get through the maze.  But to be honest, there was lots of fun happening that slowed the process down some.

We definitely want to put that on our list again.

Some of us still had energy after all of that and went to Waffle House (not much open at that time of night in Rockmart).  We didn’t get home until well after midnight.  Terrific evening all around!

Otto, had a great time feeding the cows with you.  Michael, remember……..when you least expect it.  Cole, how did you get through sooooo fast?  Lily, great to see you as always.   Rachel, we missed you and Mike so much.  Can’t wait to see you guys again!  Scooter and Tony, glad you could make it.  Wish you could have stayed longer.  It was great to see the Hornsbys again.  Sarah and Mark, thanks for coming out with your family.  Sorry you had to leave early.  Hope Otto’s scrape heals up quick.  Cat and Don, what can I say?  David, thanks for all the effort you put in to help get this organized.  And thanks for remembering to bring a flashlight.  🙂

For all those that wanted to come and couldn’t this time, we will definitely put this on the list for next year.

Loving spending time with family and friends!

Loving spending time with family and friends!

Time with friends and family is always the best time of all!

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