Covenstead Wednesday – Work, Food and Fun!

This week, if the weather is nice, we’ll be working outside during the day.  We would like to get the back patio cleaned off so we can start working next week on the screened in porch.  If the rains stay through Wednesday, we’ll work inside on moving the herb cabinets out of the classroom.

Potluck dinner – David and I are going to cook up some chicken.  We would love it if people would bring some sides and desserts.

Silver Pines is working on going green for our kitchen needs.  We are phasing out the paper plates and disposable utensils.  Caterina has come up with some great little feast kits that you can purchase or you can bring your own plates, utensils and cups.  The idea is that you bring it and take it home.

Hope to see you Wednesday.

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