Atlanta Pagan Pride Day

It is that time again!  The air is chilling (at least at night some), the leaves are turning and Pagans are turning out in droves to fill a parking lot and building with all kinds of wares, music, energy and pride.  It is time for Atlanta Pagan Pride.

This year, we’ve chosen to go down and enjoy the day, shop the booths, support our friends in their businesses and just generally have a good time.  We chose not to purchase a booth.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t supporting our local PPD.  Several of our members are vending, NGS purchased a sponsorship, donated some supplies and will be there with canned goods in hand in our show of support.  You will be able to find us milling around watching the musicians, shopping the booths and selling our wares.  Our Community Wreath will be showcased at the La Buona Vita booth.  Stop by and add your ribbon to the wreath joining your energy in the spirit of building community.

Atlanta Pagan Pride Day

701 West Howard Avenue

Decatur, GA   30030


Hope to see you there!


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